Atle Selberg

(14 June 1917 – 6 August 2007)

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Atle Selberg

This website is an adjunct to the Atle Selberg Archive, which is in the process of being created at IAS in Princeton. It is intended to serve as a small, but useful resource for members of the mathematical community interested in Selberg's work. Its primary aim is to make easily available a number of Selberg's lectures and related working papers as a kind of "on-line supplement" to his two-volume Collected Papers (published in 1989, 1991). For reasons of general interest, several items of a historically significant or reference nature will also be included.

The bulk of the material collected here consists of scanned files made from items that were found either in Selberg's Fuld Hall office or home study following his passing in 2007. In deciding which items to post, the rule-of-thumb has generally been minimization of any direct overlap with the Collected Papers.

Like most websites, this one is a work-in-progress. At least initially, emphasis will be placed on getting the material "out there" without any lengthy accompanying commentary. Please check back from time-to-time for new downloads and other updates.

(D. Hejhal, hejhal 'at', website coordinator)

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