Talks and Articles for a General Audience

Complex algebraic geometryPhillip A. Griffiths
(Brouwer Lecture, Dutch Mathematical Congress, presented at 5th European Congress of Mathematics, Amsterdam, July 14, 2008)
Mathematics and the trend toward interdisciplinary researchPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at the Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences, American University of Beirut, January 13, 2000)
Mathematics at the turn of the millenniumPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at the conference ‘Frontiers of the Mind in the 21st Century, Library of Congress, Washington DC, June 15, 1999)
The changing character of scientific researchPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at NEC Research Institute Tenth Anniversary Symposium, Princeton, NJ, May 4, 1999)
1 + 1 + 1 = MorePhillip A. Griffiths
Reflections: Woodward Academy Centennial Celebration . (2000) 26-27.
Budget battlesPhillip A. Griffiths
Issues in Science and Technology . 12 (Summer 1996) 5-8.
Reshaping graduate educationPhillip A. Griffiths
Issues in Science and Technology . 11 (Summer 1995) 74-79.
Science and the national interestPhillip A. Griffiths
Issues in Science and Technology . 11 (Winter 1994/95) 13-16.
The ‘two cultures’ todayPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at Rice University, September 13, 1995)
Don’t make science a partisan issuePhillip A. Griffiths
Wall Street Journal, OpEd . (August 15, 1995) A16.
Tales of science and industryPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at the European Charimen's Symposium, Stuttgart, Germany, June 29, 1995)
Science and technology policy in the United StatesPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented in Seoul, Korea, November 30, 1994)
Performance goals for science: a proposalPhillip A. Griffiths
Issues in Science and Technology . 10 (Fall 1993) 21-24.