Atle Selberg

The Amalfi lecture and some related material [NEW]

This collection of files centers on Selberg's September 1989 Amalfi lecture. The first file is a scan of the original transparencies; the legal-paper-size tablet that Selberg used in first writing out this lecture can be found in the archive at IAS.

Files 2 and 3 are scans of some transparencies very similar to the Amalfi lecture; where they were used is not clear. Note that file 3 differs slightly from file 2 on pages 5, 6*, and 10.

File 4 is a scan of some fragments in a folder (most likely used in a lecture) focusing chiefly on the "a"-value part of the Amalfi lecture. No transparencies were found for this.

File 5 is a scan of another fragment from an Amalfi-like lecture (or lecture series); the pages fill in several details from the original talk.