Atle Selberg

1998 Hong Kong lecture series on the analytic theory of prime numbers

Selberg lectured in Hong Kong during May 1998. Attached are copies of his transparencies, courtesy of Kai-man Tsang. The files ending in "T" are scans of some typed transcriptions found in Selberg's office.

Lecture 6 was on Beurling's generalized primes. A snag apparently occurred during the lecture; see page 14 (starting 4th line from the bottom) in lec6 and page 46 (line 8) in lec6T. The revised transparencies found in Selberg's office are attached here as "lec6R". Selberg first lectured on this topic around 1948-49 when he was at Syracuse University.

Lecture 0 was a public lecture on the history of the prime number theorem, essentially identical to the one given in Seattle in 1996.