Talks and Articles for a General Audience

What is the appropriate governmental role in science and technology?Phillip A. Griffiths
(presented at the Institute for Advanced Study, October 1993)
Mathematics – from servant to partnerPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at the Institute for Advanced Study, April 1993)
Don’t underestimate the usefulness of useless knowledgePhillip A. Griffiths
The Scientist . 6 no. 16 (1992) 11.
Mathematical sciences: a unifying and dynamical resourcePhillip A. Griffiths
Notices of the American Mathematical Society . 33 no. 3 (1986) 463-479.
Mumford-Tate GroupsPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at ICTP, Trieste, June 22, 2010)
[ Trieste.pdf ]
Hodge Domains and Automorphic CohomologyPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at ICTP, Trieste, June 30, 2010)
[ HDandAC.pdf ]
Exterior differential systems and variations of Hodge structuresPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at MSRI, April 20, 2009)
[ eds.pdf ]
Logarithmic Hodge structures (Report on the work of Kato Usui)Phillip A. Griffiths
(presented at MSRI, March 19, 2009)
[ berkeley.pdf ]
World ScientificPhillip A. Griffiths
(Brouwer Lecture, Dutch Mathematical Congress, Brouwer Lecture, Dutch Mathematical Congress, Amsterdam, July 14, 2008)
The changing character of scientific researchPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented at NEC Research Institute Tenth Anniversary Symposium, Princeton NJ, May 4, 1999)
Retrospective and prospective: Duke University into the 90sPhillip A. Griffiths
(presented to the Duke University Board of Trustees, May 1991)