Atle Selberg

Variations on a theme of Euler

Particularly after 1979 or so, Selberg occasionally lectured on material related to his celebrated 1944 multiple integral; cf. item #14 in the list of publications. Among the places he spoke were LaJolla (1980), Berkeley (1980), and Tel Aviv (1991).

The first two scans are sets of transparencies from lectures that he gave in the early 1990s. The 3rd scan appears to be a supplement to the 2nd lecture. The 4th consists of some fragments of his working notes that he kept in a folder together with the transparencies. The fragments in file 5 were found in a different location. Note especially the last 6 lines on page 1, which make reference to item #7 (sections 2 and 3) and work by E. Bombieri on prime numbers.